The weather has been stupid and cheap so far this year. I missed yesterdays trip up bridgend so was keen to get out of the house and up a hill.

Rasp was giving the borders area a 4 star (foot launching) with areas of 5 star (not the dodgy 80's band). Wind speed forecasts were top end but worth a look.

I phoned Tommy in the morning, but we both thought it was a bit to Windy and about due West which is not really the best direction, so I resigned myself to a day in the garden. It was a glorious day though and I got all the pruning done, but it felt fairly whippy and lively. I had to go to Gallashiels in the afternoon to pick up new glasses so I gave the weather a quick check before I went. It was a good bit lighter and xcweather was showing it more North West and it was such a glorious day, I thought it had to be worth a look at the Eildons.

I few days ago I picked up another old glider to try, a Nova Mamboo. The previous owners name was still on the bag and I recognized it immediately. The guys name is Glen Brookes, we met on one of Wingbeats trips a good number of years back and hooked up again when we went to Turkey.

It's mid February 2013 and I still haven't felt the wind in the glider this year so today was the day I lost my virginity (for the 2013 flying season)!!!  Work seems to keep getting in the way of midweek flying and I've been trying not to read the tales on flying on here.  After Jamie's tales of Friday on Mountbenger the weather gods were not offering a flyable weekend, the lack of email group banter on Saturday night suggested Sunday was to be a leisurely day at home (again). 

So... the forecast looked promising for today but where to go?

After lots of discussion a decision was made. Mount Benger for 12:30