Straight to the pics.  Straight to the video.

So,to cut to the chase.We arrive at White Corries car park in great time after a luxury drive up the road in the BEAST.

Its not as busy as I thought it would be after hearing reports of a busy mountain bike comp,and very few pilots going about. We had a seat in the cafe for a bit and flying faces are starting to appear,so off we go up the lift, arriving at the top we can see a good number off gliders already laid out.

At take off the thermals are already making there presence felt, pilots are starting to launch as we set up and a few folk are taken by surprise on the ground as the thermals are fairly ripping through.

Its launch time and we wait patiently for a good time, and then its time to go, please let there be lift, and there was.


Arrived at TINTO at 10.30am to find swarms of cars,after a wee chat with some folk we wandered up to find a good breeze,but no one flying,I think it had been a bit strong but was nice when we arrived.

  The sky looked good but it was never going to be the predicted 5 on rasp,nice easy launch and a sniff around to get the feel of things and back in for a top landing,feeling good,maybe of to the NNE a bit but It was due to come good.

  Off again,and to start with it was fairly easy going with lots of space but this was to change later when everybody was in the air,it was ok when it was working and gave plenty of separation,but in between cycles it was getting dangerous.

a nice day out at cacra bank.

Rob, Jamie, Tim, Dudley and Craig all got some flying in.

Rob got through the inversion on one occasion and I think I almost did on a couple of tries.

Pressure was high ~1037mb but thermals wer still popping off along with a bit of met wind.

Quite strong at times. Warm too!

Good thermaling practice. Just want more now...


Feb 6th 2010

Saturday started a bit confusingly with met office giving WNW and xc weather giving NE ,where to go what to do ?

A quick call to tommy confirmed something was worth a go ,what ,no one was sure ,so picked up Dave Lyal and headed to St Marys lock for a look... Iit was gonna be light wherever. Arriving at Bridgend the wind was none existant in fact i think it actually sucked at one point !!,and the tops were still a little claged in at 11.30.

So what to do ?