a nice day out at cacra bank.

Rob, Jamie, Tim, Dudley and Craig all got some flying in.

Rob got through the inversion on one occasion and I think I almost did on a couple of tries.

Pressure was high ~1037mb but thermals wer still popping off along with a bit of met wind.

Quite strong at times. Warm too!

Good thermaling practice. Just want more now...


Feb 6th 2010

Saturday started a bit confusingly with met office giving WNW and xc weather giving NE ,where to go what to do ?

A quick call to tommy confirmed something was worth a go ,what ,no one was sure ,so picked up Dave Lyal and headed to St Marys lock for a look... Iit was gonna be light wherever. Arriving at Bridgend the wind was none existant in fact i think it actually sucked at one point !!,and the tops were still a little claged in at 11.30.

So what to do ?