Today looked a bit windy. So it was out with the chainsaw and away to the woods for firewood. After a while I could sense a change so I went up Jubilee Cairn, a big S/E facing hill for a look. It looked good and I was soon soaring about with plenty off height above take off.

I set off today with a plan to do the Moorfoots ridge again. I knew before I arrived that the wind was off to the west and it was not to be.

I kept going with the faint hope it might be ok and at the same time thinking about plan B.

I was unsettled today, I knew it was too windy and I had other commitments. At the same time Rasp was hinting at flyable conditions late afternoon, and it had the Moorfoots ridge written all over it.

Arriving at about 11.30 at Witchie knowe , Barry and I realised there was almost no wind ,so we retired to the van for a chat and coffee. Within half an hour the grass was starting to move , so another quick check at the face showed a light breeze From the south east.