Arrived late at the hill with Tommy and Dudley, but just in time for the last climb. Climbed out with about 8 or 9 skinny minny type gliders. They charged of and I hung about in zeros to see who would go up. To the left of the wind farms seemed the best bet so I headed over there.Got a climb back to base and headed of down wind.

Knackered, slightly stiff, Sunburnt and close to regretting at least one decision to fly!

I think rob gets the prize for most attempts at leaving the hill.

Myself and Colin spent the night in a hotel in Kendal. To late to get back to Keswick. I landed at about 6:30 between Kendal and Teebay. Sorry for the worry. I was on the radio the whole flight but I guess you could not hear. I was not really meaning to go XC.

I had been keeping a keen eye on the forecast since Tuesday morning when I'd seen that it was showing an inclination toward light westerly winds and then RASP showing a 4-5 star day.
Perhaps unusually, the forecast didn't change much and I got my day of good weather.