Nice flight today from Witchy to the Moorfoots takeoff. Not a classic XC day, but there was a big convergence line lying over WItchy. Myself, Dudley, Fred, Tim, Will M, Graham S and Mike J were there. Later Stephen joined us. Mike and Graham left in a weak climb leaving us at the hill, but it looked like hard going and I think they did not get very far. I thought maybe we had missed our chance, but I watched Stephen go from floating about elegantly above the hill to going up quite fast and quite high. I must admit I chuckled a bit at the change in body language.

fred looking for a landing spot

Saturday promised similar fare to friday (see previous flight log).

When Ruth and I arrived, Jamie and Rob were already at launch. Jamie was quickly into the air and blowing some cobwebs away.  Dudley and Rob were also soon getting a feel for the conditions as Derek, Fred and Ian arrived. Dave H, Dorita, Quentin and Steve also joined. Once again it did not take too long for conditions to get strong and although Fred was able to climb out he was glad to get out of a powerful thermal and guide his feet back on terra firma in Ettrickbridge.

OK, so we've been good so far and followed Covid restrictions and not been flying since 1 Jan, however Scottish restrictions allow exercise and travel up to 5 miles over the regional border provided you start and finish in the same place.  15 March brings high pressure and consistent NW winds and the Moorfoots parking is about 100m over the Borders border so, without any plans to meet others, it's time to see how rusty I am and if a winter wing service makes any difference.