Arrived at the Moorfoots courtesy of GED.

  Other pilots were already there with a few other cars arriving.  They all went for the face at the carpark. 

  GED , Michael and myself walked in to the usual face along the ridge.

  We observed one glider launch from the east and it was clearly gale hanging. 

  By the time we were on launch the wind felt fine so I launched into nice smooth conditions from the NNW.

  I stayed around for a few minutes to check it out then made my move along the ridge with Michael in hot pursuit .

   I was doing fine and was almost at the far end when I felt the wind drop of so I top landed.  I could see Michael had landed further back down the ridge so I waited for a bit more breeze before flying back to join him.

  We waited looking back to the East and could see gliders flying at the cars. It looked like a long walk...

   5 min later the wind was back and we launched and continued to the west end playing around.

 I had a suspicious feeling things were going to drop off again so I blasted back passing a few doomed gliders that were in the bottom.  But I was hanging on and without touching the brakes at all made it back to the car.

  The last km was low and fast no brakes over the top of the quarry legs out ready in case the glider decided to land .

  I was pretty chuffed to make it back. 

   Good day out.