Well ,they say if no one saw it ,it didn't happen ,just saying ! 
Well I arrived around 3.30 Tommy was sat in his car ,with a light shower starting ,so we spent maybe 20 minutes chatting ,by this time all the world problems had been sorted ,always good to get these things sorted first ! 
The shower stopped ,a clear section was upon us !
The breeze was still pretty stiff, but steady and nicely on the bump ,Tommy thought it was pretty good to go ,so no point hanging ! First launch was not the prettiest ,but avoided a dragging and got it sorted for a second try ,
This was one of those powerful launches with lots of energy ,but managed to get it sorted pretty smoothly and headed off ,the little bump is a lovely little soaring slope when it's on ( but only really for 1 at a time ) a few beats I was couple of hunded above take off ,so started feeling towards making the transition ,but was quite sinky towards the road ,so came back for a couple of top ups ,Tommy was looking quite small by this time ,so had to be worth another go ,headed over ,hands up and elbows tucked in ,made it across about half way up main slope ,then spent a few beats building it up again  this was lovely as I was there alone ,so could be as messy as required to get the best of the lift ( which was a bit patchy ) made it up above the top ,all the time watching the next shower coming towards me ,left it until it was well spread out in front of me, but still safely in the distance ,to head back to the cars ,pretty much on big ears all the way ,to get me there at a sensible height ,couple of beats on the little bump ,and I was safely down , bundled glider into car as first spots of rain arrived, so perfect timing, it was a great little flight ,not massive ,but fun and plenty lifty 
Thanks to Tommy just for the encouragement ! 
And I guess maybe it's possible he flew ,but I never saw the glider !