It's Wingbeat's turn at hosting the Scottish Nationals this weekend - 5th / 6th September 2015.

More information about the nationals can be found here:

It's a friendly / entry level XC Paragliding competition.

"competition" used very loosely, as in "fun competition" with the emphasis very definitely on the fun side. Any task is usually quite simple and is doable by all levels - it is really just an excuse to get people together in a new location.

The event status is currently:


The plan is to fly at the Moorfoots on Saturday. We'll then retire to cacra for the BBQ, Debrief and Bonfire. We will see what can be done on Sunday

Meeting point

We are planning to meet up at the parking for the Moorfoots on the B7007 at 10:30am (or there abouts) on Saturday morning.


Retrieves this year will be on a buddy system. If an XC task is set Wingbeat will NOT BE OFFERING FORMAL RETRIEVES for competitors.
We will try and get initial XC hounds collected so they can then return to cars and go on the next retrieve run. However if anyone is willing to act as retrieve driver (with own vehicle) then it would be appreciated.
The borders can be quite remote so we need to pull together to make sure everyone gets back safe.

What to bring?

If you've never been to the area before it's very remote so you'll need to bring all your kit along with...
  • Flying gear - batteries charged and radios working if you have one
    Radios are doubly important as there is very poor mobile coverage in the area.
  • Camping gear - This is wild camping so bring everything you think you will require for the weekend.
  • Seating - A seat of some sort is recommended for round the camp fire.
  • Own food and drink for BBQ (and breakfast if camping) etc
  • Full tank of fuel in vehicles - There are no garages in Ettrick or Yarrow so you need to fill up in Edinburgh/Peebles/Galashiels/Selkirk/Moffat before entering the ‘valleys’
  • Warm clothes for the evening. Looks like it could get cold overnight!
  • A good sense of humour!!
  • The usual willingness to muck in and help where needed
  • Midge repellent. they are hungry for blood this year

and finally... the important bit...

Debrief, Camping, fire and BBQ will be at Cacra on the Saturday night.

Tommy is organising the BBQ and initial log supply for the camp fire and craic (hopefully without tears since each log has a name).


If you have any questions about the event please contact us

We look forward to welcoming you to the the borders and flying our sites.

The Wingbeat team.

the wingbeat team