The Club held a reserve repack on Saturday the 20th of Feb at the connections hall in Selkirk.

The event was well attended by with 14 or 15 reserves being repacked.

Thanks go to DaveH for organising everyone, Logan for being the nominated grown up and supervising the repacks (just don't mention square reserves) and Chris for sorting out the hall.

It was good to catch up with everyone as the most of us have hardly flown since October.

Tommy was on hand later in the day to present the Wingbeat "pilot of the year" trophy to Gerald Nolan.

Gerald is a relatively new pilot. His enthusiasm, improved flying, understanding of the weather and the ability to write an email that is both entertaining and incomprehensible (his excuse is he is from Hawick) has made him a club legend in a very short time.

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  • tommy presenting the trophy to gerald
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  • Derek helping
  • deep in discussion
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