An extended stretch of good flying weather has focussed the minds of many Wingbeaters to take the opportunity of some laminar lifty air in the region. High pressure to the West for an extended period has resulted in meteo wind predominantly blowing from the East augmented by gentle thermals.

For a few days Bridgend Hill near Capperclaugh has been a draw to our free flyers and Tuesday 6th June proved to be no exception.

The club was well represented by both experienced hands and newer pilots, plus we  welcomed a couple of guest pilots from further afield.

The evening provided one of those typical Bridgend sessions of fun for all. At one stage there were as many as eight pilots in the air. Conditions meant flying for quite a few hours was within easy reach. It’s a small hill so a great deal of skill, care and mastery of the airway code was evident in the complex movement of a gaggle of wings in the air. Some pilots were refreshing skills to blow away the rust from a period of activity. Others were probing the boundaries of the possibly extending the soaring into a westerly cross country adventure (for which conditions were just a smidge too light). Yet others simply revelling in the joy of boating about amongst friends exchanging mid-air chit chat and thumbs up.

A day that reaffirms (if it is ever needed) the joy that flying a paraglider can bring. Lots of great photos from Tim Reader too.

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