Oh what a flight it was, my friend, From Killin to Fort Augustus,

we did ascend Up in the skies, with eagles so high,

Our hearts were racing, spirits so nigh.

The thermals were boisterous, but oh so grand, And the wind was strong,

like a mighty hand Pushing us forth, into the unknown,

With only our wings, to take us home.

I saw my friend, Fred, on the ground below,

So I top-landed, to let him know I'd do a triangle, to reach the car,

And fly back to him, near and far.

But then a cloud street, oh so divine, Called to me,

a path to intertwine With the mountains, and the snowy peaks,

And the company of eagles, so unique.


Fred had climbed back up, with great success,

While I flew on, with nothing less Than stunning views,

and landscapes so rare, With no roads or houses,

just the mountain air.


The thermals were strong, but I was bold,

I embraced the excitement,

like a story told, Of drifting with the winds,

across the Moorland vast,

And flying at the rocky faces,

with such contrast.


I flew until the sunset, so wondrous and bright,

With the sky ablaze, in such a beautiful sight Of reds and oranges, and golds galore,

A sight so lovely, that one could adore.

Descending into landing, oh so frightful,

With rotor at mountain top, so spiteful,

I prayed to God, for safety and grace,

And promised to be good, in every case.


At Fort Augustus, where my flight had ended, I could still fly on, With a big street,

so strong and so long, But I knew my flight, must come to an end,

So I landed safely, my heart on the mend.


I stayed in a hotel, for the night, And saw the stars,

shining so bright, With the silence, so profound and sweet,

A moment to cherish, and to keep.


The next day, I travelled far and wide, From bus to train,

and taxi ride, To meet my friend, at Witchie Knowe,

With stories to tell, and to bestow.


Oh what a flight it was, my friend, From Killin to Fort Augustus,

till the end, With eagles so high, and mountains so grand,

Our hearts forever, in this wild land.

Rob (with some help from William McGonegal and Chat GPT)