A plan was hatched by border clan chieftains for a local skirmish on the border, The Hawick man has been waiting many a year to tempt the neighbouring tribes who are far a field throughout the border lands some needed prodded, The Ettrick raider was alerted who summoned and attracted six warriors. HAWICK: KELSAE : WALKERBURN; SELKIRK: And the small hamlets of BLAINSLIE and CLOVENFORDS.

Conditions where light but bang on the hill the blainslie bomber was first on the scene lying low at the far end of the ridge Tommy raced on to add support with Wagga wagga, With others arriving with various types of weapons some felt the need to be fed a good facility to have at a site of interest an easy walk up a pathed area until it runs out very boggie this time of year. After some chit chat the light spring thermals began to filter through and we where all off and up into the air with a good wide spanse of ridge gave everyone plenty of maneuverable ability. Everyone enjoyed the action for over 2 hours with Tim eventually exploring the higher ground once everyone deciding to glide in to land at the start gate,Apart from Galaonian Dudley Kitching who flew across the road to record a England to Scotland flight, It wasn't the usual sigma's dominating the frae of the sky the  ( Eagle eyed Alpha ) and the Hawkeyethenoo Swift 4 where the ones peering down at the tops of the sigma sky gods. All in all a great adventure out in the sunshine happy days for the wingbeat warriors.

Cast as follows Many thanks to, 

  • Planning Thomas Bryson The Ettrick Soldier
  • Patriotic Dudley Kitching, The Diplomat
  • Pathfinder Robert Beatie The Blainslie bomber
  • Comedy Dave Hutch Saint Ronans Big Fella
  • Catering Tim Reader PVC consultant
  • Production Wingbeat Warriors
  • Add on's Jamie Glendining Tech expert
  • Back up Logan Nisbet Silent Camouflage                  

To anyone who knows Them

Script Written By Any ald eejit That's All for Now Folks.


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