Saturday promised similar fare to friday (see previous flight log).

When Ruth and I arrived, Jamie and Rob were already at launch. Jamie was quickly into the air and blowing some cobwebs away.  Dudley and Rob were also soon getting a feel for the conditions as Derek, Fred and Ian arrived. Dave H, Dorita, Quentin and Steve also joined. Once again it did not take too long for conditions to get strong and although Fred was able to climb out he was glad to get out of a powerful thermal and guide his feet back on terra firma in Ettrickbridge.

Just around 4 in the afternoon it seemed to be calming again so Derek ventured out for a “feeler”. It was super lifty and broken so he skillfully piloted away from the lifty air, used BIG big ears to arrest his rise and a spiral in sink to get to a landing approach. Time to pack up and look forward to another beautiful day in the Border Hills.



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