After a few days of promising conditions up at the Moorfoots conditions turned a kind eye to Witchie Knowe. On the 16th and 17th April soundings pointed to plenty of thermic flight opportunities and so it came to pass. 

A good gathering of Wingbeaters arrived mid-morning on the 16th and set up on the East face. Rob, Dudley and Fred tried out a few feeler flights to get a taste for the conditions early on before Fred got his timing spot on. He casually lifted the Phantom into the early whispers of a thermal before casually stepping into the air and within moments he guided the craft up and away on a journey which eventually ended in a field new Stow. Rob was within a scintilla of joining him but the moment was tantalisingly brief. Thermals were going off like bombs but they were typical of spring weather … feisty. Nothing seemed to be getting well organised or sustained but ground handling lessons were plentiful and lessons about currency were available for the unwary. Conditions became pretty strong and hard edged by mid-day but as parawaiting edged into the late afternoon and Fred returned, the conditions calmed to yield a great gentle end to the day. Dudley, Dave H, Rob, Fred, Chris Ruth and Graham all enjoyed a good boat about. Great to see Logan turn up on the hill to join in the fun too.

Wingbeaters are a friendly bunch so it was nice to welcome a guest pilot from Edinburgh (Alex) to the Borders too !


  • Ruth At Witchie
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