I had all but given up looking for a break in the horrendous UK weather systems since last year but that's paragliding. With a few wingbeaters away bonding with the abominable snowmen of Austria and others suffering cabin fever and even some with duties to perform someone has to put it on the tree, Well the day had arrived, IREEGAUN was the cry for Witchie at 11 am Dudley said, and there he was sheltering in the beast.

I put up a wind sock in a strong fresh breeze and retreated to the car for tea, Fred arrived and we all sat it out for a while Fred and Dudley strolled across to the SW bowl to check it out the wind had eased a touch.With a vw van pulling up at first i thought Timothy had put a sick note in but it was a Simon nah sorry Stephen Hallsworth so four it was who went to play at witchie. The van door meter test gave me encouragement but it was still a fresh breeze and without much currency of late launching from the south facing hill was a challenge,Thenks Dudley just goes to show you how rusty you get. Use it or loose it refer to Wingbeat safety sense leaflet section 11 safety first guys. However Dudley Stephen and Fredric marched across to the south west bowl to set up, for me i thought it to be easier to get away where i was. The bold Gerald swooped over looking for a wing man and before long the fantastic four where searching the Sky over witchieknowe in good constant lift. At one time i even thought that i could explore over the tower and farm and back. I do enjoy witchie it was just the right site to start your new flying year off after a long winter of nowt. I've wrote before about how wonderful this fabulous site is and today it was Fantasteek we had hours of free energy in the sunshine till dusk, Fred and Stephen made the most of there day til near dark. So all in all a good start to the year for a few of us ald codgers with time on there hands don't you just love this retirement malarky. Hope you all have a great season this year, Keep it real safety first long live the little BIG club. Please feel free to add comments and any other pics,

Tat's a fir now folks what's up doc and if ee deh git oot sin 
You will seriously regret your actions. 
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