After flying both Saturday and Sunday with the weather due to break it seemed that there may be a small window of opportunity to fly at Witchie today. The morning saw a grey sky that broke to give blue sky and fluffy white clouds....perfect except that as I headed to Witchie mid afternoon the sky darkened as the small Cu became CuNim in the distance.  However as I approached Witchie the sky to the south seemed OK and I could see Jed on the hill with the wing above his head and a buzzard thermalling several hundred feet above at the south takeoff.  I was trying to ignore the 'I don't want to be up there' sky to the north!!!!!!.

By the time I arrived at the top of the road the slight southerly breeze had eased until Tommy and Fred arrived and then swung SWesterly.  Jed flew across to the bowl and slope landed and the others walked across and set up at varying levels on the hill always cautious of the ominous sky to the north (dark with lines of cloud going into the centre of a circle!!!)  Strangely the flying was interesting but scratchy and no height gain - maybe a max of 1 - 200ft above take off often trying to scratch the face of the slope to maintain height.  Eventually we all landed as the wind dropped and I drove home to gentle rain.

An afternoons flying snatched from nowhere and some enjoyable craik.