It's always a good idea to repack your reserve parachute(s) once a year. Some manufacturers recommend even a 6 month repack but not sure how often that happens! As it's rarely flyable at the start of February we got the Walkerburn village hall booked and started to put some plans in place for a wingbeat repack.

Checked the forecast on Wednesday. Sunday looks flyable. Bugger. Some calls, texts and emails later - we brought the repack forward an hour so 9am -2pm with the hope that those that could make it might get to fly at bridgend or somewhere appropriate.

Sunday morning. Kids up early. I was up sharpish and had the car defrosted by 7.50. Richard made it up from the lakes. Stephen was heading over from Dalton then the plan was to head to the hall. Bacon sandwiches were consumed while waiting for Stephen then off we headed. Walkerburn hall is always further away than I remember and with a full car, icy roads It took an hour and 20.. so we got there nearer 9.45 than 9. So much for getting there early and a quick start to things.

The hall was pretty full with 4 tables on the go - 1 reserve being packed per table. No spare tables but a bit of space so the table tenis tables at the back of the hall were put into use. 6 tables now on the go!

Got the harness hanger set up then started to assist stephen's repack. All went well. i think the only issue spotted may have been with a line over / through on a reserve bridle. It hadn't been repacked before so an installation issue more than anything else :-(

Logan and Richard did a grand job supervising everything. I think we all picked up some top tips. the challenge is to remember them for next year.

The early shift left to check out bridgend While the last reserves were packed and the final tidy up done. I think we were out of the hall by 1ish which is not too bad for 15 reserves.We then headed round to bridgend too. ignoring the small drops of rain.

The forecast had hinted at very light N><E ><SE ish maybe. Probably from the south at the cars but maybe sw or west on the hill. bugger. It was quite light so with 5 up on the hill already me, Stephen and Richard went for a walk. Stephen left his glider in the car. hint of a hangover or just my bad driving?

Logan was playing with his drone but apparently a low moon shot near the top of the hill burned his eyes so much the video evidence has been wiped!

Snow on the top. and snowing as we got there too. mirror finish on the loch. Breeze from the west(?) which is the worst direction for the hill as no options to lob off. After a wee wait there was hints of a change. more to the North. Not ideal but fine for a flydown.

Tommy off first. Then Richard, Me, Alex, Dave, Sean and Tim. Fred, Stephen and Emily walked back down.

Debrief at the Gordon Arms. Quite obvious that everyone was still on the new year diet by the bowls of chips and beers that were consumed. Tim seemed to sit at another table while munching on what he said was the gordon special salad. Jacket on the table to hide the plate. Suspicious behaviour...

Great day out. Good chat. Flying and chips. Special thanks to Richard and Logan for their assistance on the repack.



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