I've been out of the loop for sometime so it was great to catch up at the repack and go flying on a Monday for mie and yow this retirement malarky gives fer mare choices.
What a day had to be had flying one of 2 choices of wingbeat sites yesterday with some high pressure still lingering, Pilots produced there new wings  in droves you would have thought they new better to avoid the tea at sick & wrong before  Christmas. Dave H with a colourful BGD ,Fred with a sky cruiser by Nova, Dudley with a light blue-ish Sigma 10, I'm glad he has got away from his past from the deep purple era. Tommy must have been ordered to clear the attic by Fiona cause he produced a red Sigma 6, Rob was sadly missed with his new toy. Last but not least Gerald flew his Swift 4 on a wingbeat site just thought Jamie should know this and it did not disappoint it cut the air like a knife through butter, And i can here Jamie curse cause hie was not with us,( AMNOFORTATA )with safer Internet security day looming. ( IMERNOCUMINOOT )    To be continued  The Battle of the Sigma's.
Wichieknowe came up with more little secrets and surprises with flyers taking full advantage of the constant winds 7 to 9 mph SSW light at times. With a successful wingbeat repack  on Sunday 16 pilots repacked there chutes, With a thread by Rob and Fred suggested flying Monday 7 pilots turned up for 11 am on what could be described as a overcast day due to a cold air mass wedging up the warm air to produce a blanket of cloud not the wall to wall sunshine that the forecasters predicted,The lift band was about 50 ft above the hill with it being so cold near the ground in some area's katabtic flow was evident. And some pilots had up to 4 hours of flying with loads of top landings. Fred was keen and 1st to launch heading to the SW BOWL followed by Dave Hutch, Tommy on a sigma 6 flying to the SE ridge and kiting to the top Stephen and Ian stayed on the south facing hill for a while and explored later when the wind picked up a bit later, My word all areas of wichie where being flown at the same time.However myself was in a bit of a quandary but despite the cold condition walked up to keep Tommy 2 guns company and was just setting up when dead eye Dudley arrived he was quick off the mark and joined the frae of the battle of the Sigma's. The six and the ten battled it out in the sky for supremacy Dead eye Dudley had Tommy in is sights  but Tommy 2 guns was to nimble at waga waga and with a twist and a turn dead eyed Dud was doomed staring down both barrels of Tommy 2 guns Bryson.       But where telt tae calm doon as others pilots joined us on the SE ridge. All in all a great days flyin and all area's left to right of wichie being flown and experimented with, It's unfortunate there is nae photos and you all could not be with us as it was a really cold day.And with Ian supplying the refreshments and the humour we could hardly complain is abilities to park,It looked more like is van was abandoned than parked, Four hours flying in gid company a great little site Wichieknowe is and full of surprises. Dialect translation services  AMNOFORTATA (I disagree with the suggestion)  AMERNOCUMINOOT (I will not be there) MIE (ME) (YOW) you.  
A read for a winters day long live the little big club,
That's all for now folks.