I was asked to talk a wee bit about paragliding at the muckle town festival and for some reason said yep. no problem.

The festival is pretty much running and cycling related. They have lots of different races from a 5km mini MTB ride for families, 60 mile sporives and 100km ultra-marathons.

the weekend was hot and windy. No good for flying any of the nearby hills or for doing much excercise in. Great for sunburn.

Got to the rugby field 2ish and set up with help from Dudley and Tommy. The compare kept talking about a PG demo in the tent and did his best to drum up some enthusiasm.
The kids were all interested in the trampolines, climbing wall and pump track. Competitors were recovering and enjoying the sunshine.

The talk went well. I talked. Showed a harness, and a glider. explained a bit about paragliding and then a bit about the sites round langholm. All six of the audience were engaged. I hope. either that or the straw bales were so comfy they fell asleep LOL.
Slides were not so well received but more due to the location - a projector rarely works in a white marquee on a sunny day!
One of the chaps in the audience was interested in flying but more paramoters. We tried to convince him otherwise but it was good to talk about the differences.

Several kids (Inc. my two) had a shot in the harnesses I had set up. As did a few adults.

It was a nice day out and good practice for any talks in the future.


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