Its Saturday and light winds so for ease we go to Witchyknowe. I arrive just after 12am with an unpacked glider, I dont hang about and set off with a stuffed glider and loose harness over to the S/W bowl.

   not as much South in the wind as I had expected but its good enough. Robs beat me to the launch but I beat him into the air. Feels good so the fun begins. Easy to stay up, great for wagga and top landings.

   After about 30 min it starts to get unstable and a few of us are actually working the climbs, it is January after all.

   An hour or so has passed and its getting stronger. I am keeping an eye on my groundspeed and decide to push further out, its down to zero so its time to get down while I can, it takes a little while to get down and land, I land in a place where I can relaunch if I want. Some of the guys have to land on top but they all manage. I watch Barry rolling around wrestling with his wing but he gets the better of the thing.

  It soon dropped away again and becomes even lighter although its still flyable. I decide to fly back to the car and head home as I have a car to repair..oil leak.

     A good turn out, and good to be out.