New Year is the time to restart your flying as the race is on for first flight of the year. Weather has conspired against us this period with strong winds spoiling the sunny on to Plan B - a hike around Lochcraig Head. Despite the forecasts at least two of us (TommyB, Fred, Barry, DaveH) had packed wings in car and spent much of the time on walk up discussing flying possibilities as wind seemed nowhere near the forecast speeds. Sure enough, as we neared the first summit, clouds started scudding across the sky.

Conditions were stunningly glorious, although very cold, with bright blue skies as we set off to burn some xmas excess. We chose a loop starting with the typical Lochcraighead walk up, then followed on to close the loop on the west side. Stopping for lunch above Loch Skeen we could see all the way to the lakes with Skiddaw sticking out high in the distance, and Ettrick Pen clear in front. Which set Fred off thinking about routes for the coming year - Ettrick Pen northwards towards Tinto, which was also clearly visible to the north as we continued our walk. A walk is never just a walk, as we all now have some extra preparation for the moment if/when it comes to fly this route. It all helps.

The walk back down was cold and crunchy underfoot, but on a good path passing a shed which got MrBs interest. We stopped on the bridge just above the steep Talla road to watch the Recovery vulture vehicle waiting for some prey - and there were numerous folk willing to give it a shot. Finally back to the car for a one-point turn and back to The Clubhouse (GA) to meet up with the late arrivals for some thick soup and coffees with brandy. Not my first choice, but still an excellent start to this new year....may it only get better and better.


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